Products We Install

Is your current system on its way out? Or maybe you're just looking for something more energy efficient. Burners, boilers, water heaters, oil tanks, and thermostats: this page is your place for information on the parts and hardware we are certified to install. Click on the links below to find out more information.



Hot Water Heaters

Bock water heaters are made for all types of homes and businesses. With a capacity range of 20 gallons to 271 gallons, BTU/HR ratings of 60,000 to 1,500,000, and the choice of oil or gas fired, there is something for your specific need. Installation of a Bock water heater gives you the simplicity of having nearly endless hot water, as well as cost and energy savings.



Roth double-wall tanks are designed for high level environmental protection. They are rust free, inside and out. All tanks are pressure tested and made without welds, to ensure no seams can rupture. Roth tanks are backed by a 30-year warranty that includes up to $2M for property damages caused by spills.

All steel tanks made by Granby are subject to a rigorous testing process, to ensure longevity and containment of all oil. With a 25-year warranty, and a multi-million dollar insurance policy on all tanks, you can have peace of mind with this manufacturer's tank installed at your residence or business.